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Lua Gregory
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Critical Thinking & Writing (ENGL 102)

This LibGuide is designed for Critical Thinking and Writing (ENGL 102).  It can be used to help identify resources available in the Armacost Library, other libraries, and on the Internet. 

Important Search Tip - Using Boolean Operators


(1) Generate a list of terms, keywords or phrases relevant to your topic or research project 

(2) Combine these terms, keywords or phrases with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) in ways that will produce the most relevant and useful results:

      The AND operator narrows a search and retrieves records containing all of the words

      The OR operator broadens a search and retrieves records containing any of the words

      The NOT operator narrows a search retrieving records that do not contain the word

(3) Consider using wildcard symbols such as the asterisk (*) question mark (?) or colon (:) to expand search terms to include all forms of a root word:

For example, a search using the term politic* will retrieve "politics," "political," "politician" and other forms of the root word

Boolean Operators

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