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Your CHEM 102 Environmental Chemistry Group Project

Use this Research Guide as a launching pad towards successful completion of your library research assignment:

The Assignment:  There are two end results to your research.  The first is a 3-5 page report from each person in the group (or several detailed maps from your GIS person) that describes your finding as an expert on this body of water.  Each individual report is a part of a final paper that is due December 12th.  The second result is a condensed version of your work that will be incorporated into a presentation.  We will be building this research paper together through a series of steps outline below:

1. Pre-research: Before you can write intelligently about your study site, you need information about it.  We will be visiting the library to find source material.  Appropriate sources will be discussed in more detail later.  Result: Annotated Bibliography (see link below), due September 22, 2016.


2. Preliminary Outline:  This is a method of organizing your thoughts and information.  For the first outline, I will be providing a template in order to give you cues about what might be important for each person on your team.  Result:  Preliminary Outline, due October 13th, 2016.

3. Detailed Outline:  This activity will be more independent.   You are expected to fill in the outline with a great deal of detail using complete sentences.  Start linking together the major ideas in the report to give a complete picture of your study site.  Result:  Detailed Outline or Preliminary Map (for GIS person), due October 20th, 2016.  See Grading Rubric below.

4. First Draft:  This is a typed, double-spaced document that must be 3-5 pages in length that describes your findings in complete thoughts and sentences in grammatically sound English.  I will give you feedback that will hopefully help you shape the next draft into a truly stunning piece of work.  Due: November 15th, 2016.

5. Presentation:  We will be talking about what makes a good presentation as a class.  Each person in your working group will contribute their information.  The talk should start with the map created by your GIS specialist.  Talks will be scheduled for December 6th and 8th.

6. Final Draft:  This last version of your work will be handed in during the last week of the semester.  You will have a chance to revise it after you have presented your data to the class as a poster, and had a chance for your group’s feedback.  I am looking for a refinement of the information that you initially dredged up so that it is a stand-alone report on your field of expertise.  


The tabs above provide assistance searching for academic journal articles in the library's databases, books in the library catalog, magazine and newspaper articles, and select freely available web sites.


Grading Rubrics

Grading Rubric for Annotated Bibliography:

Number of sources: _____

                1 source = 10 points

                2 sources = 20 points

                3 sources = 30 points

Sources correctly cited (ACS style citations): 30 points

Annotations clearly written: 10 points

Annotations made specific tie-in to study site: 10 points

Annotations made specific reference to role in group: 10 points

Assignment received on date due: 10 points  (only accepted one day past due)


Grading Rubric for Detailed Outline:

(25) References are cited properly ___

(25) Enough detail to begin draft ___

(25) Thoroughly researched all parts of outline ____

(25) Addressed all major issues facing the lake ____

Total Grade: _____


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