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Environmental Justice Course Guide

This guide has been created as a complement to EVST 277, Environmental Justice, Spring 2017 with Professor Dyl.  Use this guide to find background information, scholarly sources, and primary sources, for your research project.  This EVST 277 Course Guide is fluid; students and faculty should feel free to recommend additional resources and materials.


EVST 277 - Environmental Justice - Research Paper

• Preliminary bibliography (5 percent combined with topic proposal) – due 3/10

Your preliminary bibliography should include both secondary literature and potential primary source material (historical sources, data sets, policy documents, statements by activists, etc.). The primary and secondary literature should be divided into separate sections, and full citations for sources should be provided.

• Draft analysis of one or two primary sources or pieces of data (5 percent) – draft due 4/3

You should identify a minimum of one or two key sources and write a detailed analysis of those sources in light of your research question and hypothesis. Appropriate sources will vary greatly by topic, but some examples include: historical documents; statements by environmental justice campaigns or organizations (published, online, etc.); government or nonprofit reports on an issue; media coverage of an issue or campaign; GIS data; demographic data; environmental data. You should aim for three to four pages of analysis (and the number of sources that you need will vary depending on the type or sources).


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