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Spring 2016

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Jim Spickard, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

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EVST 399/SOAN 300: Research Methods

This guide has been created as a complement to the course, Research Methods (EVST 399/SOAN 300).  Use this guide to find background information and scholarly sources for your research projects.  The guide is a work-in-progress; students and faculty should feel free to recommend additional resources and materials.


Research Methods

The research process is not linear but rather weaves various activites and resources about your subject as you proceed. Note that background research is NOT the same as what we are calling "focused" research, or the phase of research where you are actually collecting evidence to support your thesis or research question.  

(Process chart courtesy of A.Carr, 2011)

University of Prince Edward Island, "The Research Process, Pt. 1: Getting Started" 9 mins.

University of Prince Edward Island, "The Research Process, Pt. 2: Effective Reading" 8 mins.


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