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FS 26: One Ocean: Marine Ecology & Conservation: Getting Started

A research guide for FS 26

Goals For Your Visit

Welcome to the guide for FS 26: One Ocean: Marine Ecology & Conservation. The learning objectives are:

  • Evaluate how well a source fits your topic and its relevance 
  • Define a direction for your research 
  • Clearly communicate ideas 
  • Be more confident in researching any topic using keywords 


Article Analysis Questions:

  • What was the main focus of the articles? 
  • Briefly describe the main findings of the scientific article.
  • Did the popular press article accurately present those findings? (Why or why not?)
  • Did the methods section of the scientific article help you understand the topic better or were they too confusing?
  • Did the popular press article have a slant (e.g. a message or opinion)?
  • Were there any opinions presented in the scientific article?
  • Was there any important information not included in the popular press article?
  • Which article had a more informative or engaging title?
  • Which article did you prefer and why?
  • List the full citation for both articles (include title, date, source, etc.)