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FS 12: The Science Of Food: Getting Started

Goals For This Guide

Welcome to the guide for FS 12: The Science of Food. The learning objectives are:

  • To utilize the scientific method to answer a question, from experimental design to data interpretation
  • To demonstrate a basic understanding of a limited number of major concepts in biology
  • To be familiar with various resources available on campus and reflect on basic skills to help them ensure their success in college

MyPlate Comparison Assignment

1. A copy of the Cronometer diary and analysis.

2. A two page analysis addressing the points below. Please use space-and-a-half, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins.

  • Describe the cultural diet you have chosen and explain how it differs from the typical Western diet.
  • Using the Cronometer data and your literature analysis, discuss what types of nutrients are typically overconsumed or underconsumed by people with this diet.
  • Explain how the USDA Myplate guidelines support or fail to support people who follow this diet.

3. An annotated bibliography of 3-5 sources – Please list all references used, in APA format.  For each source, describe in 1-2 sentences the features of the article that convinced you that the source is reliable. 

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