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REL 495: Senior Seminar: Articles

Looking for a specific journal or article?

If you know of a particular journal or article and need to locate it, use the resources below. If we have your particular journal or article in print, that may require additional assistance. Please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to assist.

Indexes and Bibliographies


Indexes provide article citations (usually within a certain year.) Researchers just need look up their topic(s) and see the list of all items published on that topic. While databases are great at this kind of searching, they often do not include older articles. Another challenge for researchers is that while some databases have been created specifically to serve as an index, the researcher's library may not subscribe to such databases. Consequently, good researchers check print indexes, especially when searching for older articles.


While indexes list all items published within a given time frame, bibliographies list only select items related to a topic. Usually chosen are high quality literature widely recognized as influential in the field.

Finding Indexes and Bibliographies

Do these subject searches (in the Advanced Search interface) to find and utilize these search tools.

  • bibliography
  • indexes

Suggested Databases

You may also look at our list of databases by subject.

Using Citations


Sources Cited

                           References Cited


             Recommended Reading


Whatever it's called, it's a good thing when you see it in the back of a book, article, or chapter whose topic is akin to yours. It's a time saver and a great help to any researcher when other writers provide lists of related material. Use the catalog and citation finder to see if we have what's listed. If we don't, use interlibrary loan to get ahold of it.