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Lua Gregory: Education & Humanities Librarian

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Lua Gregory
Please email me to schedule an appointment. We can meet via Teams or Zoom.

Lua's Research Guides

Academic Interests & Areas of Expertise

  • Social justice issues in libraries
  • Intellectual freedom and censorship
  • Open Access Movement
  • First-year students
  • Critical pedagogy and critical information literacy

Professional Highlights

Gregory, L., & Higgins, S. (2018). In resistance to a capitalist past: Emerging qualities of critical librarianship. In K. Nicholson & M. Seale (Eds.), The politics of theory and the practice of librarianship (pp. 21-38). Sacramento, CA: Library Juice Press.  

Gregory, L., & Higgins, S. (2018, November). Resisting capitalist and neoliberal conceptions of information literacy. Presentation for Critical Librarianship and Pedagogy Symposium, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

Gregory, L., & Higgins, S. (2017). Critical information literacy in practice: A bibliographic review essay of Critical Information Literacy, Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook, and Critical Literacy for Information Professionals. Communications in Information Literacy, (11)(2), 390-403. 

Gregory, L., & Higgins, S. (2017). Reorienting an information literacy program toward social justice: Mapping the core values of librarianship to the ACRL Framework. Communications in Information Literacy, (11)(1), 42-54. 

Gregory, L., & Higgins, S. (2016, October). Mapping our values across the curriculum: A social justice oriented program at a liberal arts university. Presentation for the European Conference on Information Literacy, Prague, Czech Republic.

Battista, A., Ellenwood, D., Gregory, L., Harker, Y. S., Higgins, S., & Lilburn, J. (2015). Seeking social justice in the ACRL Framework. Communications in Information Literacy, (9)2, 111-125. 

Gregory, L., Higgins, S., Lowe, S., Miller, R., & Theiss, D. (2015, March). “We’ve only just begun”: Determining the value of information literacy instruction in the first year. Panel presentation at Association of College and Research Libraries conference, Portland, OR.

Gregory, L. & Higgins, S. (2014, October). Information literacy and first-year students: What do they know, what do they learn, and what do we learn? Presentation for the European Conference on Information Literacy, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Gregory, L. & Higgins, S. (2014, July). Invited speakers. Information literacy and social justice: Revisiting our professional core values. Keynote presentation at the Annual Building a Teaching Community, Chapman University, CA.

Gregory , L. & Higgins, S. (2014, April). Activism as leadership: Lessons from Occupy library workers. Presentation for the California and Academic Research Libraries Conference, San Jose, CA.

Gregory, L., & Higgins, S. (2013, October). Critical information literacy: Using social justice pedagogy to deconstruct power structures. Presentation for the European Conference on Information Literacy, Istanbul, Turkey.

Gregory, L. & Higgins, S. (2013). Forces of oppression in the information landscape: Free speech and censorship in the United States. In L. Gregory & S. Higgins (Eds.), Information literacy and social justice: Radical professional praxis (pp. 185-203). Duluth, MN: Library Juice Press.

Gregory, L. & Higgins, S. (Eds.). (2013). Information literacy and social justice: Radical professional praxis. Duluth, MN: Library Juice Press.


Master of Library and Information Science. University of California, Los Angeles. 

Bachelor of Arts. Major: Creative Writing. Minor: Asian Studies. University of Redlands. 


Professional Affiliations

American Library Association: Intellectual Freedom Roundtable. Social Responsibilities Roundtable.

Association of College and Research Libraries: Instruction Section

California Academic and Research Libraries: Southern California Instruction Librarians