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CHEM 102 - Introduction to Chemistry of the Environment (Ladani): Getting Started

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​Chem 102
Spring 2019
Semester Project

The purpose of the semester project is to allow you to explore some aspect of environmental chemistry that is of particular interest to you. You may investigate some topic that we will not be covering in class or go deeper into a topic that has been or will be addressed in class. No matter what topic you decide to pursue, your focus is to be on the chemistry of the subject and the related environmental impact. Your project may be about something that’s relevant to your career, hobbies, or other interests. Some potential topics are listed below, but you are welcome to come  up with your own ideas.


You may work with up to two other students, but all partners must contribute significantly to the project. At the time of the final report, each of you will also submit a confidential description of the contributions made by each partner to the project and critique of each partner’s effort.

The final products of this project will be a presentation to the class and a final report. The class presentation should be 10-15 minutes long and all partners must participate meaningfully in it. It may include Powerpoint presentations, posters, or other resources to help you explain your project  to the class. Feel free to discuss your ideas for your presentation with me. Your final paper must be at least 750 words in length, typed, and must include information from at least four different sources; all of your sources must be cited properly, of course. (You’ll use this information in your presentation as well.). All partners should contribute to the final report as well as to the presentation.

Submission Deadlines:
1. Tuesday, February 12th : A list of partners and selected topic for the project
2. Thursday, March 14th : Progress Report ( one page summary of your ongoing research)
3. Tuesday and Thursday, April 9th, 11th, and 16th: Class Presentation
4. Thursday April 18th: Final Report

Some suggested topics for your project:
 Carbon Footprint
 Climate Change
 Green Buildings
 Green Economy/Technology
 Materials, Waste & Recycling
 Clean Air Act
 The Transition to Cleaner Vehicles and Fuels
 Blue Carbon Initiative
 State and Regional Climate Policy
 Social Cost of Blue Carbon Initiative
 Biomass and Plant Biofuels
 Energy Efficiency
 Natural Gas
 Offshore Drilling
 Renewable and Clean Energy
 Shale Gas