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EVST 276: Market-Based Conservation Policy: Home

EVST 276 Course Guide

This guide has been created as a complement to EVST 276, Market-Based Conservation Policy, Spring 2019 with Professor Klooster.  Use this guide to find background information, scholarly sources, and primary sources, for research projects.  This EVST 276 Course Guide is fluid; students and faculty should feel free to recommend additional resources and materials.


Effective Searching

Library Research

EVST 276

Spring 2019



Research question

Example: What are the environmental effects of fracking in California?


What is your research question? _______________________________________________________________________________



Break it down


“environmental effects”




What are your key concepts?





Revised search

Example: “environmental effects” AND fracking AND California


What is your revised search?





List synonyms and related terms

Subject terms from ProQuest or GreenFile (or other database) citations


environmental effects                              fracking                                   California

environmental protection                        hydraulic fracturing                 Western United States

public health                                            hydrofracking                          United States

pollution                                                  petroleum industry                  desert


Concept 1 __________                 Concept 2 __________                 Concept 3 __________


Synonyms and related terms

___________________                 ___________________                 ___________________

___________________                 ___________________                 ___________________

___________________                 ___________________                 ___________________

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