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SOAN 465: Ethnography of Virtual Selves (Kurotani): Find Articles

Searching for Full-Text

Need the full-text of an article? Look for a full-text option in the article record in the database you are using.

If there is no full-text option, you may still be able to access a full-text article within a journal. To double-check, search for the title of the journal in the library catalog.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Some Useful Databases for Exploring Virtual Selves

Searching Tips

-Break up your topic into concepts

-Use single word or short phrases to describe each concept

-Put each concept on a separate line in the search form

-Try out different ways of phrasing a concept: WWII or World War II

-Explore the database’s Search Options/Limiters

How to Read a Scholarly Article