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EVST 325: Public Lands: Welcome

Public Lands Policy

This research guide has been created specifically for EVST 325:  Public Lands Policy and serves as an introduction to Armacost Library resources.  

The tabs above lead to help with locating various types of materials, in various locations. Take a look around.

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Research Papers: 100 points each x 2 = 200 points – You will choose two of three possible topics for research papers:  Public Lands Person, Public Lands Place, or a Creative Process Exercise.  Paper 1 and Paper 2 have several due dates, noted in Course Schedule.  Additional Instructions will be provided as the semester progresses.


Public Lands Person – For this paper you will research an individual within an administration that had (or will have) a significant influence on public lands management.   Examples include several Secretaries of Interior (i. e. James Watt of the Reagan Administration, Bruce Babbitt of the Clinton administration, and Gayle Norton of the G. W. Bush Administration, Zinke of the current Administration) Heads of the National Park Service (Stephen Mather under Teddy Roosevelt), and Heads of the U.S. Forest Service (Gifford Pinchot under Teddy Roosevelt).   This paper must include a literature cited section, or bibliography with at least five citations that are NOT from web sites that do not include BOTH an author and date of publication.  More references are encouraged.  The paper should be 6-9 pages of text in length.


Public Lands Place – Please use the same instructions as the paper for a Public Lands Person. This paper is on a place – your favorite National Park or National Forest, BLM land that has a particular issue on it, a Wildlife Refuge, etc.

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