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FS 06: Stimulating Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, etc. : Getting Started


This guide will help you begin the research process in FS 100-06, Stimulating Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, etc., by providing guidance in finding, evaluating, and using a variety of information sources available through Armacost Library collections and beyond.

Your Assignment

Team Presentation -- The Basics

  • Worth 15% of your final grade
  • 15 minute presentation
  • Uses at least 4 sources, with at least two college-level sources


Due Dates

  • 9/29 (Thursday): In class - Preliminary choices of topics, teams, and presentation dates
  • 10/6 (Thursday): In class - Confirmed choices AND three potential references
  • 10/3 (Thursday): Before class - Annotated bibliography
  • 11/1 (Tuesday): Before class - First drafts of slide show
  • Day of presentation: By the start of class - Final drafts of slide show


Connections Essay -- The Basics

  • Worth 10% of your final grade
  • 3 pages
  • Uses at least 3 sources, with at least two college-level sources


Due Dates

  • 10/6 (Thursday): In class - Preliminary topics
  • 10/18 (Tuesday): In class - Final topics AND at least 2 potential sources
  • 10/25 (Tuesday): Before class - Annotated bibliography
  • 11/15 (Tuesday): Before class - First draft
  • 11/29 (Tuesday): By the start of class - Final draft



What's an Annotated Bibliography? Why do I need to do one?

Bibliography: A list of books (or other sources) gathered from a particular author or theme; the literature of a subject (Definition from Oxford English Dictionary)

Annotation: A note by way of explanation or comment added to a text, document, diagram, etc., or to a particular copy of a text, document, diagram, etc. (Definition from Oxford English Dictionary)

An annotated bibliography combines a list of potential sources and provides short summaries or comments on them. Annotated bibliographies are an incredibly helpful part of the research and writing processes. Instead of just reading each source once or twice before using it in your project, creating an annotated bibliography helps you get a better idea of the content and meaning of each source. This helps you think more critically about the sources that you gather and how they fit into the scope of your work, giving you a better understanding of their content. (Adapted from Purdue OWL)

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