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FS 04: Exploring Life Journeys: Getting Started

Goals For This Guide

Welcome to the guide for FS 04: Exploring Life Journeys. The learning objectives are:

  • To understand the role of mindfulness and personal responsibility in having a productive collegiate career both academically and socially
  • To respect the journeys of others and how they differ from our own
  • To improve confidence in oral communication skills through discussion and presentation
  • To improve written communication skills
  • To critically evaluate readers in an effort to form a personal life code
  • How to access important campus resources 

Brief papers/ Quizzes/Projects (150 pts):

These shorter assignments will be used to:

  • Check progress on the comprehension of course materials
  • Relate class readings and discussion to ongoing experience as a college student
  • To connect campus resources to themes expressed in the readings

Mid Term Project (100 pts):

Students will write paper reflecting on a personal journey already taken and how it is similar/dissimilar to the fictional and real-life journeys we have discussed up to this point in class. 

Final Exam/Project (150 pts):

Students will complete a paper/project encompassing lessons learned through readings, class discussion and outside resources, and how they foresee implementing these lessons into their lives moving forward. The scope of the project can vary based on student preference.

Example topics include:

  • Formulating an overall life code
  • Examining a particular life lesson in greater depth and how it can be implemented personally or communicated to an audience
  • A student generated topic selected in consultation with your Professor 

On a journey...?