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Sanjeet Mann: Arts & Systems Librarian


I am the Arts & Systems Librarian at Armacost Library. My pronouns are he/him/his.

I serve as subject librarian for students and faculty in Studio Art, Creative Writing, Theatre and the School of Music. I also share subject librarian responsibilities for Biology and Human-Animal Studies with my colleague Tiffany Chai. And behind the scenes, I coordinate library systems and technology.

My research studies the implementation of technology in libraries from a critical perspective. I'm interested in re-examining concepts that librarians often take for granted, such as the purpose of collaboration, project management and organizational learning. All too often libraries unquestioningly adopt practices developed in for-profit business without stopping to consider what is lost when pursuing efficiencies becomes our primary goal.

I'm also active in faculty governance. I recently completed a term on the Faculty Review Committee (a group that evaluates faculty when they go up for tenure and promotion) and currently I am serving on the Educational Assessment Committee (a group that helps faculty measure student learning and ensure the quality of their instruction)

Outside of work, I enjoy getting around Redlands by bicycle (when it's not too hot), playing piano, singing in an online church choir, and preparing a different breakfast bowl every morning from a well-worn cookbook I picked up a couple years ago when my wife and I were on vacation. We have two cats, one of whom you might see jumping into a web conference call with me from time to time, while the other one hides. I think they are the world's most handsome cats, but I am a bit biased...

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