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Beyond Armacost: How to Use Other Libraries

Beyond Armacost Library

So you've found a book, article, or other work but aren't able to access it directly through Armacost Library? Work with a librarian to find something comparable or use the options below. Current students and employees may request items right from their computer (option A) or personally visit libraries with which Armacost Library has partnered.

Option A

Students & Employees

Link+ is a service where libraries loan books and media to other libraries on a patron's behalf. To request items, search Link+ and click "Request." Regional campus patrons may benefit from the ability to pick up Link+ requests from libraries other than Armacost Library. Requests generally take 3-5 business days to arrive.


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service where libraries loan items to other libraries on a patron's behalf. Log into your ILL account to request items. ILL requests may take 1-2 weeks to fulfill, Armacost Library absorbs all ILL costs so we ask that patrons be selective with their requests.

Option B

Students & Employees

Several Link+ libraries participate in the Link+ Visiting Patron Program, their patrons may visit and borrow materials from other participating libraries. To borrow materials from participating libraries bring your library card (University of Redlands ID).

Learn more about the Link+ Visiting Patron Program.

Students Only

IEALC. Current University of Redlands students may visit and borrow materials from IEALC libraries by requesting an IEALC card at the Library front desk.  Regional campus students may contact Janelle Julagay at or at (909) 748-8083. Before visiting an IEALC library we recommend contacting them directly to inquire about any borrowing restrictions. To borrow materials you'll need your IEALC card along with your University of Redlands student ID.

Faculty Only

SCELC's Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program. Current University of Redlands faculty may request borrowing privileges with any of the libraries participating in the program by contacting Debbie Alban, by email at or phone at (909) 748-8092.

Where are Armacost's partner libraries?

Use the menu icon to select/deselect borrowing programs