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Course Reserves: Course Reserves

What are Course Reserves?

Reserves are class materials selected by instructors to be set aside in the library.

ELECTRONIC  Online readings and articles are accessed through the library website.

PRINT =  Books, films and other media can be checked-out at the front desk of the library.

Faculty Guidelines and Policies

Course Reserves are class materials that students can access from the library.  Print or traditional Reserves are books, films, or other media that are available for check-out at the library front desk. Electronic Reserves are documents (readings, articles, answer keys or sample exams) that are available in electronic format and are accessed through a password protected system on the library website.

• Review the four factors of the Fair Use doctrine for all requested items.

• Please submit a Course Reserves Request Form with all materials.

• Provide complete bibliographic information for all articles and readings.

• Please allow 7-10 days for the processing of Course Reserves materials.

• Reserve requests are completed in the order in which they are received.

• Note that items placed on Course Reserves are available for one semester.

• The Armacost Library cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged items.

• Course reserves materials will be deactivated (electronic), re-shelved (books, DVDs), and returned (personal copies) at the end of each term. A new Course Reserves Request form will need to be submitted prior to each term. (In accordance with fair use practice and copyright law.)

Reserves Agreement and Request Form

The Armacost Library's policies are based on the University of Redlands: Copyright Policy, approved by the Faculty Assembly on March 15, 2012.  The principle of Copyright (United States Code, Title 17) protects original works and the Fair Use doctrine provides for limited uses under the four factors of fair use (purpose and character of the use, nature of the copyrighted work, amount and significance of the portion used, and the impact of the use upon the potential market).

By submitting a Course Reserves Request Form you acknowledge that:

  • you have read and agree with the University's Copyright Policy.
  • you are responsible for evaluating if the use of a copyrighted work qualifies as Fair Use.



Save the completed form to your computer and attach it to an email to

Submit Requests Early

We encourage you to submit reserve requests as soon as possible to ensure that material is available to students when they need it.

However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Requests for a large number of materials may be completed in batches, with materials needed for the beginning of the semester scanned or placed on reserve first, followed by other materials.
  • If the library does not own a book and we need to order it, it may take 4-6 weeks for the book to arrive.
  • Around the beginning of the term and after the semester begins, items may take longer to be processed. If a book is checked out and needs to be recalled, for example, it may take 8-10 business days for us to receive the book.