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This guide was created for the students of Professor Candy Glendening's Biology 107 class. Since this is a work in progress, students and faculty should feel free to suggest content.

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5 References Assignment

Your presentations will include a brief (10-15 minutes) overview of the organ system function (done by all group members), and then each student will be individually responsible for covering a sub-topic within the organ system in depth (~15 minutes each). This sub-topic could be a disease or disorder that affects the entire system, or just a small portion of it. But it could also be an in-depth look at a single organ or chemical feedback loop within that organ system – it’s up to you!

Your assignment today is to find (at least) 5 references in the online databases we have access to at the UoR that will help you prepare for your individual topic. Please add these to the end of your slideshow as a simple list (by person) using APA citation style. Because the subject matter is broad, I (Prof. Glendening) have some suggestions on what you'll be wanting to cover in your presentation, but this may not specifically work for your topic.  Please ask me (Prof. Glendening) if you're wondering what to cover.

  • Symptoms of your topic
  • How it affects the life of a person dealing with this topic
  • How it is involved in your organ system
  • What makes your topic different than the average human condition
  • Treatments/dealing with your topic