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FS 34: Collecting Stories: Conducting interviews

Research resources for Collecting Stories, a Fall 2020 First Year Seminar taught by Tommi Cahill.

How to interview people

Two USC students recorded this video of interviewing tips in 2011.

Background research

For background research on a person or place, check for news articles written by journalists.

If you're researching a person, look up their own statements on a professional or personal website, on social media, or in published interviews.

If you're researching a place, first identify the aspects of that place that interest you. News articles or local government websites may be useful starting points. As you identify other concepts related to that place, try searching for books and articles on those concepts.

Here are a couple of library databases that could be helpful:

Reflection questions

  • What are you most looking forward to about interviewing people for your storytelling project? What are you most anxious about?