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MUS 300: Music History: Music repertoire

Library research guide for Music 300 taught by Caitlin Carlos, Fall 2020

Learning objectives

After reviewing this module, you will understand:

  • Strategies for finding new repertoire using subject searching and printed bibliographies

Strategy 1: Learn from others

Tweet by Giulia Heyward announcing her New York Times article on Joel Thompson's "Seven Last Words of the Unarmed"

Recommendations from other musicians can lead you to new repertoire, both old and new works. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tap into networks of people you know in real life, and on social media.
  • Search for ensembles or musicians who have actively commissioned in the genre of music you're trying to find.
  • Follow the arts calendar sections of major newspapers like the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. You can discover many works, composers and performers by following the work of music critics and journalists.
  • Check out new music podcasts and blogs like I Care if You Listen, On an Overgrown Path, or ComposeHer.

Strategy 2: Search the catalog

Catalog record for Gustave Le Gray by Caroline Shaw

Use subject searches to discover scores in the library collection. Scores usually receive a subject heading related to their musical genre. Sometimes  the subheading -- Scores also appears.

You may also need use the Resource Type facet to limit your search to only show Scores.

Strategy 3: Consult bibliographies

Scholars have compiled comprehensive lists of repertoire in various musical genres. These works appear in the library catalog with the subject heading [genre] -- Bibliographies.

Use bibliographies to discover lesser known composers and masterworks beyond the core concert and recital repertoire.

How to get library items

Show only facet

Use the Show only facet and click on Online items to limit your search to items available online.

While the library is closed, physical reference books are unavailable, but books from the general collection can be checked out via curbside pickup. Log in to the library to Request general collection items for pickup.


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