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THEATRE: Finding jobs

An introduction to theatre and dance research for University of Redlands students

This page will help you...

  • Set up your free individual membership to the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) provided by the library's subscription.
  • Search for theatre-related jobs posted by TCG using Artsearch.
  • Connect with the Office of Career and Professional Development

What is TCG?

tcg logo

The Theatre Communications Group (TCG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to "lead for a just and thriving theatre ecology" in the United States. The organization:

TCG receives financial support from donors and members, including Armacost Library as an institutional affiliate. The library membership entitles you to a complimentary individual TCG membership.

Activate your TCG membership

Screen shot of the TCG membership registration page

Click here to access instructions on how to activate your TCG individual membership (access restricted to current University of Redlands users only)

The instructions include a link to the TCG website and the coupon code you will need to receive complimentary membership.

Search for jobs on Artsearch

Screen shot of an Artsearch result page for a search on "sound design"

Artsearch, TCG's national database of theatre jobs, is now freely available at

Search for jobs by keyword and use the limiters on the left side of the results screen to limit by:

  • employment type (full time, part time, seasonal, academic, etc.)
  • job category
  • recency of job posting (latest week, latest month, etc.)

Organizational URLs are provided at the bottom of the listing whenever possible. Use these links to begin researching the employer and start to put together your application and cover letter.

Need more help finding jobs or internships?

Tap into a wealth of career and internship resources offered by the University of Redlands Office of Career and Professional Development, including: