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Resources for Single Subject Teaching: Department of Teaching and Learning: : Music

Access books and other resources for single-subject teaching programs with the School of Education.

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Library of Congress call numbers group books by topic. Research topics in Education can be interdisciplinary, which means there may be many areas in the Library of interest. The following are some you might find useful.

MT1-960        Musical instruction and study  

ML1-5 History and criticism
MT5.5-7 Music theory
MT20-32 Special methods
MT40-67 Composition.  Elements and techniques of music
MT58-67   Forms
MT68 Improvisation.  Accompaniment.  Transposition.
MT70-74 Instrumentation and orchestration
MT73   Band
MT90-146 Analysis and appreciation of musical works
MT95-100   Opera, ballet, etc.
MT110-115   Oratorios, cantatas, etc.
MT125-130   Orchestral music
MT140-145   Chamber and solo instrumental music
MT146   Popular music
MT170-725 Instrumental techniques, Solo Instruments
MT180-198   Organ
MT192     Electronic keyboard instruments
MT200-208   Reed organ
MT220-255   Piano
MT259-338   String instruments
MT260-279.7     Violin
MT280-298     Viola
MT300-318     Violoncello
MT320-334     Double bass
MT339-533   Wind instruments
MT340-359     Flute
MT360-379     Oboe
MT380-392     Clarinet (A, Bb, C, Eb, etc.)
MT400-415     Bassoon
MT418     Brass instruments
MT420-432     Horn
MT440-456     Trumpet
MT460-472     Trombone
MT480-488     Tuba
MT500-510     Saxophone
MT539-654   Plucked instruments
MT540-557     Harp
MT560-570     Banjo
MT580-599     Guitar
MT600-612     Mandolin
MT620-634     Zither
MT640-654     Lute, balalaika, etc.
MT655-725   Percussion and other instruments
MT 728-735 - Instrumental Techniques - Ensembles

MT728-728.3   Chamber music
MT730   Orchestra
MT733-733.6   Band
MT740-810   Instrumental technique for children
MT820-915 Singing and voice technique  
  Systems and methods
MT855-883   Special techniques
MT898-915   Techniques for children
MT918-948 School music  
Musical theater

Children's Collection

General Collection: Books on Music Education

Books on More Specific Subjects (For example, Band or Chorus)