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BIOL 394: Junior Seminar: Find Books

Recent advances in biology presented in a seminar format by Redlands faculty, seniors, and visiting scholars.

The Library Catalog - Books and More


Search Strategies in the Library Catalog

Keyword Searching

Search Tips and Strategies

1. Generate a set of terms related to your topic.  These will be the keywords with which you begin searching.

Frank Church                 public land            preservation              
Edward Abbey               ocean                   conservation                  
Rachel Carson                 beach access          activism             
Nature Conservancy         DDT                  protections                  
Surfrider Foundation       watershed                                                 

2. Combine your keywords in various ways:

"public land" AND (conserv* OR preserv*) = Using the AND operator narrows your search to only results that mention both keywords.  Use the OR operator to search for variants or synonyms of the same keyword.  The asterisk (*) is a wildcard symbol that is used to catch variant endings of a word (femin* = feminine, femininity, feminism).

“species protection” AND "united states" = Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase

Explode Your Topic - Concept Map

An example of a concept map to demonstrate the need to narrow and focus your research interests and questions.

Where to Look

Biology books are on the 3rd floor of the Armacost Library. Journals are on the 2nd floor, the entry level of the library. If you would like to browse the books & journals, use the  chart below to determine the relevant call number range. Otherwise, search the library catalog to find books by subject, title and author.


Call Number Subject
QH Natural history, biology
     QH 1-278.5      Natural history (general)
     QH 301-358      General biology (general)
     QH 359-425      Evolution
     QH 426-470      Genetics
     QH 471-489      Reproduction
     QH 501-531      Life
     QH 540-549.5      Ecology
     QH 573-671      Cytology
     QH 705-705.5      Economic biology
QK Botany
QL Zoology
     QL 1-355      General zoology 
     QL 461-599.82      Insects
     QL 614-639.8      Fishes
     QL 640-669.3      Reptiles and amphibians
     QL 671-699      Birds
     QL 700-739.8      Mammals
     QL 750-795      Animal Behavior
     QL 801-950.9      Anatomy
     QL 951-999      Embryology
QM Human Anatomy
QP Physiology
QR Microbiology

How to read a call number

The call number gives the location of the book; it's the book's address. You know the call number, you know where to look. View some maps of the Armacost Library.