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Faculty Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER): What are OER?

are OER?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational, digital resources (e.g., textbooks, lesson plans, videos, software) that are free to use and free of most restrictions on sharing and use. As a result, concerns asking, "Can I use this?" and "How much can I use in my class?" go away. As a result, students can have course materials on Day 1, and needn't pay high prices to booksellers, or wait for availability through library course reserves or the Book Lending Program.


What are Affordable Educational Resources?

Sometimes library resources and bookstore packages are erroneously labeled as OER. Because they've been purchased or otherwise licensed with significant re-use restrictions, it's best to distinguish them as affordable (rather than open) educational resources.

use OER?

Student Learning

Student Engagement

Educational Equity


Counterbalance a Captive Marketplace






Follow OER State Policies

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can I support OER?

Peer Review OER

Adopt OER

Create & Share OER




Institutional Support

The following individuals and departments can provide you with some support.

Pedagogy -- Ben Aronson, Hunsaker Teaching Chair

Course design and planning -- Rebekah Wright, Ed.D., Instructional Design

Finding OER -- Library Liaisons

Accessibility -- Library Liaisons

Instructional Technology -- Cheyne Murray, ITS

Adapting/Creating OER & DOI assignment -- Paige Mann, Scholarly Communications

Copyright & Licensing -- Library Liaisons

Sharing Your OER -- Paige Mann, Scholarly Communications