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EVST 230 - Biodiversity, Fall 2019

Individual Paper (Project): 100 points - The topic of this paper will be a case study on biodiversity conservation.  You will pick a specific example of a conservation effort that has been or will be (in your opinion) successful in combating biodiversity decline OR a location in which biodiversity conservation is important.  You will document what conservation efforts are in place, what works, what doesn’t work, and why, and what actions you would recommend to maintain or improve conservation methods.  Be specific and creative!!  Look for solutions outside the current bounds of your topic.  Some examples of suitable topics include a specific management plan for an endangered or threatened species, a multiple species habitat conservation plan, conservation plans for preserves (Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave Preserve, Catalina Island, San Jacinto State Park, etc.), a Nature Conservancy purchase and management plan for species conservation, designation of a protected area, or an action plan geared toward solving another environmental problem that resulted in biodiversity conservation.

This paper should be 5-7 pages in length (text) and must include a literature cited section, or bibliography with at least five citations that are not websites (journal articles, interviews, lay literature on your topic, etc.).  The topic, worth 5 points (instructor approved) is due September 18. The annotated bibliography, worth 15 points, is due September 25. The paper is due October 9