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Overview of EVST 100 Assignments

Scholarly Sources -- Material written for research use, often published by an academic journal, institution, and/or organization. Scholarly materials are mostly peer-reviewed. 

Popular Sources -- Material written for general and commercial public use and consumption (ex. Google, Yahoo!, Msn, Bing, etc.) 

Group Project & Presentation Assignment

Thesis paper: 175 points

This section is comprised of your annotated references, paper outline, thesis paper draft, and final version of thesis paper. More details will be posted on Moodle.

Group project and presentation: 65points

This section is comprised of presentation outline and the group presentation. I will randomly assign you into groups and assign each group a different topic.Each group will be required to thoroughly research their topic using peer-reviewed articles as your main source of information.At the end of the semester, each group is responsible for presenting their findings to the class. Each student will be responsible for their respective thesis paper tied into this assignment.