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The Library & First-Year Seminars

The overall goal of the FYS Information Literacy sessions is to introduce students to fundamental library resources and to develop students' critical inquiry in the context of library research.  Basic research competencies acquired during their first year will help students identify information resources for course assignments, and set the stage for a tiered approach in which they develop more sophisticated research skills in their general education and major coursework.

First year students arrive with a wide range of experiences with library resources, requiring an introduction to academic research strategies and resources.  Information literacy sessions offer the opportunity to "level the playing field" among first year students in relation to their ability to make use of basic library information resources and their librarians.


Please take a look at the learning outcomes for FYS Library Orientation and Information Literacy sessions below. Also, feel free to contact your Subject Librarian with any questions or to schedule sessions for your class. 


Learning Goals for FYS Library Sessions

Foundational information literacy learning goals include an introduction to:

1. Students’ role as scholars and engaged participants in discourse communities inside and outside the university.

2. Developing search strategies, including relevant keywords.  

3. Critical evaluation of information and the value and distinctness of information (re)sources.

4. Ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding the production and use of information.

5. The role of citation and documentation.