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An introduction to Creative Writing research for University of Redlands students


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Creative Writing by Sanjeet Mann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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This guide will help you get started with research for Creative Writing classes.

It shows you how to use library resources to find books, scholarly articles, news, and other common information sources. It also explains how to cite your sources and provides information about the library's annual undergraduate research award.

If you're looking to go beyond the basics, check out my open educational resource, Introduction to Library Research in the Arts. There you'll learn about developing your research question, employing a multifaceted strategy, evaluating sources, resisting researcher biases, and more.

If you're looking for a research guide that I created for a specific Creative Writing class, you'll find it linked from this page.

These guides are designed to help you learn at your own pace. They complement my online and face-to-face library sessions, where I use active learning exercises to help you and your classmates hone your skills.

If you'd like individualized mentoring on a specific research project, contact me to set up a one-on-one appointment via WebEx.

"Six quill pen nibs in box" by Science Museum Group is available in ArtStor under a CC-BY license.

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