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Library of Congress call numbers group books by topic. Because Native American Studies is interdisciplinary, there is no single call number range that covers all materials pertaining to Native American/American Indian Studies. The following are some of the subject areas you might find useful.

Note: Terminology used to refer to Native American and indigenous cultures changes over time. Historical documents may use terminology that is not culturally accurate, appropriate, or sensitive. 

E 75 - E 99 Native Americans.
E 184 - E 185: American ethnic groups.
GN: Anthropology
HA: Social science statistics.
HM: Sociology (general and theoretical). Social psychology.
HN: Social history. Social problems. Social reform.
HQ: The family. Marriage. Women. Feminism.
HT: Communities. Classes. Races. Slavery.
HV: Social and public welfare. 
K: Legal issues
LC: Education

Note: Classification systems, like LCC and LCSH, organize information for easier discoverability. However, terminology chosen at a point in history may represent the biases and ideologies of that time period resulting in offensive, and culturally insensitive subject headings that further marginalize minoritized groups. For instance, subject headings may use names imposed on North American Indigenous Peoples (NAIP) during colonization rather than preferred tribal names, or they may hide specific communities when grouped into a single subject heading such as Indigenous Peoples.


Searching with keywords is more likely to capture terminology used by authors and more current terminology than formal classification systems. 

Broad terminology:

  • Native
  • Native American
  • American Indian
  • Indian
  • Alaskan Native
  • Indigenous People
  • Pacific Islanders
  • Hawaii Natives
  • First Nations, Native, Aboriginal, First People (Canada)

More specific terminolgy:

  • Delaware
  • Ione Band
  • Me-Wuk / Miwok
  • Miami
  • Navajo
  • Nation Seneka
  • Cahuilla 
  • Cahuilla Indians of Southern California