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Library of Congress call numbers group books by topic. The most important call number range for research in this subject are the following:

BF: Psychology

More specifically:

BF173-175: Psychoanalysis.
BF176: Psychological tests and testing.
BF180-198: Experimental psychology.
BF309-499: Cognition.
BF501-505: Motivation.
BF511-593: Affection. Feeling. Emotion.
BF698: Personality.
BF712-724: Developmental psychology.

Other significant call number areas to look into are:

HF5548-5549: Industrial psychology.

HM711-806: Groups and organizations.

HM1001-1281: Social psychology.

LB1050-1091: Educational psychology.

R726: Medicine in relation to psychology.

RC321-571: Neurosciences. Psychiatry.

There are many other call ranges that specifically relate to groups of people in terms of ethnic identity, culture, gender, and social issues. Take a look at the Sociology & Anthropology research guide for more possibilities.

What are Call Numbers?