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REL 490/495: Senior Seminar: Books by Topic

Religion + Academic Performance

Search terms:

  • Christian education
  • Moral education
  • Church and education / Education and church
  • Christian universities and colleges
  • Religious education
  • Academic performance
  • Academic achievement
  • (Critical) pedagogy
  • Educational attainment
  • Religious aspects


Suggested Call Numbers

You may browse these sections in both the Reference area and the general collection:

  • BL--religion, mythology, rationalism
  • BM--Judaism
  • BP--Islam, Bahaism
  • BQ--Buddhism
  • BR--Christianity
  • BS--The Bible
  • BT--Doctrinism
  • BV--Practical Theology
  • BX--Christian Denominations

Look at the detailed classification headings to get a sense of available topics and depth of study available.

Mexican and Irish Catholics

Search terms:

  • Latin America - Religion
  • Christianity - Latin America
  • Catholic Church - California - History
  • Religion and politics
  • Emigration and immigration
  • Christian saints - Ireland/Mexico
  • Irish/Mexican Americans - History
  • Religious aspects


Religion + Well-being + Community

Search terms:

  • Psychology, Religious
  • Well-being
  • Happiness
  • Quality of life
  • Religion and sociology
  • Church attendance
  • Community development
  • Positive psychology
  • Religious aspects


Search Strategies

You can work subject headings to your advantage in three ways.

(1) Do a simple search, that is a simple subject search and look at the list of related subject headings. For example, a simple subject search for "religion" brings up 

  • religion
  • religion--18th century
  • religion--20th century
  • religion--Africa
  • religion and civil society.....

(2) Another strategy is to conduct an advanced search with an appropriate subject heading. If I were to conduct an advanced subject search using "religion," I would get a list of books whose subject headings would include

  • Africa--religion
  • religion--philosophy
  • United States--religion
  • Mayas--Guatemala--religion

(3) To find more precise search results, begin in the catalog with a fitting book. Next look in it's record under "Subject." You should find hyperlinks; click on them to find other books with the same subject(s).