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BIOL 103: Issues & Techniques in Genetic Engineering: Browse in the Library

Browsing Books by Subject

Biology books are on the 3rd and 4th floors in the Armacost Library. Journals (print) are on the 2nd floor, the entry level of the library. If you would like to browse the books & journals, use the chart below to determine the relevant call number range. 

Call Number Subject


Biology (General)

QH359-425 Evolution
QH426-470 Genetics
QH471-489 Reproduction
QH501-549.5 Ecology
QH573-671 Cytology
QH705-705.5 Economic Biology
QR1-502 Microbiology
QR1-74.5 General Microbiology
QR75-99.5 Bacteria
QR99.6-99.8 Cyanobacteria
QR100-130 Microbial Ecology
QR171 Microorganisms in the animal body
QR180-189.5 Immunology
QR355-502 Virology


Encyclopedias provide overviews on various topics, making them wonderful resources if you need to introduce yourself to something new.  Since encyclopedias are reference books, they cannot be checked out.  Please give yourself time to consult these items while in the library.


The library has print and online biology dictionaries and here is a freely-available online biology dictionary.