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BIOL 103: Issues & Techniques in Genetic Engineering: Welcome Page

Research Guide Summary

This research guide will help you:

  • Search for identifying terms in order to find materials that is relevant to your topic.
  • Evaluate the materials in order to select the foundation for your research.
  • Construct your research in order to bind your ideas together

We hope you will be more confident searching beyond Google. 

Final Assignment Information

Genetic Engineering Genetic Disorder Final Project Overview 

For your own presentation, you will need to research your own disorder and inheritance mode. You will need to be able to:

  • Describe your selected disorder
    • symptoms 
    • real life example of someone who has the disorder
  • Communicate how the genetic component was discovered
  • The location of the gene
  • Where it is expressed
  • What type of mutation confers disease
  • How doctors can test for this disease
  • Treatment and/or cures for this disease

The information you find will go into your presentation with your group. Although each student will focus on a human genetic disorder, you will be divided into a group with the same inheritance mode. Each presentation will be about 75 minutes long in total with about 10 minutes for each individual disorder, and please practice on your own and together before presenting. 

For more help, please ask your Professor or Librarian. Thanks!