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POLI 304: Congress: Your member

Course guide for POLI 304: Congress taught by Renee Van Vechten, Fall 2021

About your member

Your member's official website at [lastname] is a good starting point for their biography and leadership experience in Congress.

Clerk of the House

The Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives is the House's official record-keeper. They maintain the official directory of all Representatives and information about their committee assignments.

Use the search box at to:

  • View the text of legislation proposed by your member and track the legislative history
  • See the calendar of upcoming hearings and floor votes on legislation

Project Vote Smart member profiles

Project Vote Smart, a non-governmental, non-partisan organization dedicated to improving civic literacy, has compiled biographical profiles of all Congressional members.

Our example

Representative Pete Aguilar of California

Rep. Pete Aguilar of the California 31st Congressional District - University of Redlands' home district - is our example Representative for the sample searches throughout this guide.

Practice finding information on Rep. Aguilar so that you can apply similar strategies to learn about your member once you've received the assignment.