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Browsing Books

Library of Congress call numbers group books by topic. One example of browsing the collection by call number: Media & Visual Culture Studies is multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, there is no one call number range that covers all materials pertaining to Visual & Media Studies. The following are some you might find useful.

  • HE8689-8700: Radio and television broadcasting (industry)
  • N - Visual arts
  • NA - Architecture
  • NB - Sculpture
  • NC - Drawing, Design, Illustration
  • ND - Painting
  • NE - Print media
  • NK - Decorative arts
  • NX - Arts in general
  • P87-96: Communication and Mass Media
  • PN1990-1992: Broadcasting, Non-broadcast video media
  • PN1993-1999: Motion pictures
  • PN4699-5650: Journalism
  • TR - Photography


Explore the full range of the Library of Congress Classification

You might be interested in critiques of the limits of Library of Congress Classification as well:

Putting Search Terms Together

Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT and Other Symbols for More Effective Searching

theat* AND (classical OR antiquity)=Using the AND operater narrows your search to only results that mention both keywords.  Use the OR operator to search for variants or synonyms of the same keyword.  The asterisk (*) is a wildcard symbol that is used to catch variant endings of a word (individuality, individualism, as well as individual).

“trojan women” AND motherhood=Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase.