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ENGL 213: Drama: Find Books

This research guide supports ENGL 213: Drama. Use this guide as a starting point for your Expertise Reports.

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PA3050-4505 Greek literature

PA6000-6971 Roman literature

PN1997-1997.85 Plays, scenarios, etc.

PN2000-3307 Dramatic representation. The theater

PN2061-2071 Art of acting

PN2085-2091 The stage and accessories

PN2131-2145 Ancient

PN2152-2160 Medieval

PN2171-2179 Renaissance

PN2181-2193 Modern

PN3203-3299 Tableaux, pageants, "Happenings," etc.

Search Strategies

Search Tips and Strategies

1. Generate a set of terms related to your topic.  These will be the keywords with which you begin searching.

Theater                  Greek                    adaptation               
Theatre                  Roman                   production                 
Drama                    Ancient                  interpretation            
Tragedy                  Medieval                performance              
Comedy                  Early Modern                                           
Performing arts


2. In order to get search results more specific to your topic, find the appropriate subject heading. To do this, choose a book from your keyword search in the catalog. Next look in the record under "subject." You should find hyperlinked subject headings like those highlighted to the right.

subject headings example

Possible subject headings:

Theater -- Dictionaries.

Greek drama -- History and Criticism.

Theater -- History.

Greece -- Antiquities.

Classical drama (Comedy) --History and Criticism.


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Putting Search Terms Together

Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT and Other Symbols for More Effective Searching

theat* AND (classical OR antiquity)=Using the AND operater narrows your search to only results that mention both keywords.  Use the OR operator to search for variants or synonyms of the same keyword.  The asterisk (*) is a wildcard symbol that is used to catch variant endings of a word (individuality, individualism, as well as individual).

“trojan women” AND motherhood=Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase.