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MATH 459: Senior Research Seminar: Browse in the Library

The goal of this LibGuide is to help seniors select a research topic and find adequate sources to gain knowledge about that topic.

Topic Introductions

Browsing Books

At Armacost Library, books are organized with the Library of Congress classification system, and are grouped together by topic. Refer to the following while browsing through the stacks.

When you find a promising book, check the preface to see if you have the math background needed to understand the text.

  • QA 1-43:  General mathematics
  • QA 75-76:  Computer science 
  • QA 150-272.5:  Algebra
    • QA 174-183:  Group theory
    • QA 184-205:  Linear and multilinear algebra
    • QA 241-247.5:  Number theory
    • QA 269-272:  Game theory
  • QA 273-275:  Probability
  • QA 276-280:  Statistics
  • QA 299.6-433:  Analysis
    • QA 303-316:  Calculus
  • QA 440-699:  Geometry, trigonometry, and topology
  • QA 801-939:  Analytic mechanics