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MATH 459: Senior Research Seminar: Find Articles, Books & More

The goal of this LibGuide is to help seniors select a research topic and find adequate sources to gain knowledge about that topic.

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Find Information


What do I do with the search results?


Limiting Search Results (2/5)

Let's walk through some options for filtering (narrowing) your search results. Scroll through the options in the column on the left.

Limiting Search Results (3/5)

Depending on your specific research needs you may choose to limit your results to only electronic resources (Available online), or peer reviewed materials, or items only physically available in Armacost Library (Held by library). 

Limit by Resource Type (4/5)

Another way to narrow the results of your search is to limit by "resource type" (format, genre). Do you need a book? A film or book review? A scholarly journal article? A government report? Look for the corresponding Resource Type.

Other Filters (5/5)

There are a variety of other filters you may choose to use to narrow the scope of your search, such as limiting your results to those published within a specific journal or by a specific author. Other facets by which you can limit your results include year of publication, database, subject, and language.

How do I find a specific article or journal?


Primo vs. Disciplinary Databases

Primo offers a convenient search experience, but you can miss relevant sources of information that you might otherwise find in disciplinary databases.

Venn diagram comparing default Primo search results and disciplinary database search results

To address this, click the Expand results beyond Armacost Library box or search disciplinary databases directly to do more targeted searches. When full text isn't immediately available, request it through interlibrary loan (ILL).

Venn diagram comparing expanded Primo search results and disciplinary database search results