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Information Literacy & Library Engagement: Action Research: First Year Seminar Modules 2013-1014

Assessment in Action: Longitudinal SLO

As a result of multiple instances of information literacy instruction from the first year seminar to upper division courses students will think and act as strategic researchers.

Methods of Participation

1. 4 sessions (2 ftf & 2 online modules) + end of term survey

2. One-shot session incorporating the AiA learning outcomes for FYS + end of term survey

3. One-shot session not addressing AiA learning outcomes for FYS + end of term survey

4. No IL instruction + end of term survey

Assessment in Action: FYS Learning Outcomes

As a result of [one-shot or multiple instances] of information literacy instruction in the first-year seminar students will …

(1)    demonstrate increased evaluative skills with a variety of information sources;

(2)    be able to identify the elements of a citation;

(3)    be able to describe/explain the purpose of citation in scholarship (and in other aspects of life?)

(4)    select appropriate information sources for diverse situations;

(5)     demonstrate an increased ability to interpret visual and textual biases and cues. 

Assessment Instruments

Pre- and Post-Survey + Rubric: administered during New Student Week and at the end of fall semester.

Student Interviews

Faculty Interviews

In-class assessments (One-Minute Papers)

Quizzes (connected with online modules, "Using Information Ethically" and "Information Through Multiple Lenses")