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MUSIC: Find scores

An introduction to music research for University of Redlands students

This page will help you...

  • Distinguish among different kinds of musical scores
  • Select physical scores from Armacost Library using advanced search
  • Access online score repositories

Types of scores

Use Advanced Search to find scores

Screen shot of a search for the score to Shostakovich's First Cello Concerto

Use Advanced Search to find physical scores in Armacost Library.

Enter the composer's name as Author/Creator.

Enter the title of the piece in the Title field.

Choose Scores or Books from the Material Type drop down menu.

Some non-English language scores may only be discoverable through Simple Search. If you use Simple Search to find scores, be sure to use the Resource Type filter to narrow your search results to Books or Scores.

Pay attention to the Notes field in catalog records to make sure you get the right type of score for your purpose (study score, vocal score, etc.) See the "Types of Scores" handout above for more information.

Contact the library if you're having trouble finding a score that you need.

Online scores

Key points

  • Use Advanced Search to find scores in Armacost Library.
  • Read catalog records carefully to make sure you are getting the right kind of score from the library.
  • If we don't have a score, use interlibrary loan to request it from another library. Use information from WorldCat records to help us find the right kind of score.
  • You can find scores online through IMSLP, or other sites dedicated to providing online scores and recordings.